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by David Lum

Sunday, Jul 30 – 10:30am Ordinary – We often wait for extraordinary moments, believing that they are what matters. But more often, it is the everyday, ordinary choices we make that define us. This service considers the importance of the mundane in our lives.

Climate Change

by David Lum

Sunday, Jul 23 – 10:30am Climate Change – As our public discourse becomes more and more toxic, how can we contribute to a gentler, more open world? This service explores our power to create dialogue and build community. Our worship will be knit through with the powerful music of our Rock Band.

Soul Service

by David Lum

Sunday, Jul 16 – 10:30am Soul Service – Feeding hungry children in Loudoun is a new initiative for our congregation. Special guests and lay leaders speak to the particular needs in our county, and give us the resources to respond.

Go Kind

by David Lum

Sunday, Jul 9 – 10:30am Go Kind – Developing our kindness is one of the most important tasks of our spiritual lives, but we often put it off. This service reminds us of the unexpected rewards we find by practicing compassion.

Transormation Explored

by David Lum

Sunday, Jul 2 – 10:30am Transormation Explored – The Writer’s Group of UUCS will explore the theme of Transformation in story, poem, reflection and song. Scott Findley will provide special music on guitar.