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Sticking to Your Story?

by David Lum

Sunday, Sep 17 – 9:30am and 11:15am Sticking to Your Story? – In his Ware Lecture at the 2017 UUA General Assembly, Bryan Stevenson challenged justice-seeking UU’s to “get proximate” and “change the narrative”. These are actually tasks we can undertake in every aspect of our church’s life.

Heeding the Call of the Permanent

by David Lum

Sunday, Sep 10 – 9:30am and 11:15am Heeding the Call of the Permanent – Nearly two hundred years ago, UU ancestor Rev. Theodore Parker exhorted us to follow “the permanent” in religion rather than the transient. In other words, he wanted us to be clear on what our real work is – our mission – more »

Come Hell Or High Water

by David Lum

Sunday, Sep 3 – 10:30am Come Hell or High Water – In this Ingathering multigenerational service, Rev. Wayne will use the story of the Exodus as both a Wonder Box story and a metaphor for the challenges of our congregational life. Can we get to the promised land, come hell or high water? Bring a more »

Preaching to the Choir

by David Lum

Sunday, Aug 27 – 10:30am Preaching to the Choir – Our Interim Minister will reflect on the challenges of shared ministry in a time of transition. In a congregation that began as a choir, we can learn some things by remembering the best things about choirs!

What We Believe

by David Lum

Sunday, Aug 20 – 10:30am What We Believe – What do Unitarian Universalists believe? Even longtime UUs often give different answers to this question. Of course, a diversity of beliefs are welcome in our faith, but we really do share important values. This service will explore what binds us together.