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The Truth About Resurrection

by David Lum

Sunday, Apr 1 – 10:00am The Truth About Resurrection – There will be a lot of sermons preached today about resurrection. Are they true? How can we know? This sermon is about the one thing I do know about what rises again from any life well-lived.

Personal Spiritual Practices

by David Lum

Sunday, Mar 25 – 10:00am Personal Spiritual Practices – Four UUCS members will speak about their own personal ways of exploring the spiritual in daily life. Whether they look for joy and peace in nature and the outdoors, writing and books, music, or in physical exercise, each person will have something to teach us on more »

Embracing an 8th Principle

by David Lum

Sunday, Mar 18 – 10:00am Embracing an 8th Principle – How Strong Is Our Faith? It has been 20 years since the UUA passed a resolution to undo racism in our institution. Are we responsible, as Unitarian Universalists, for finishing the unfinished business of racial justice and inclusion? How do we stand in solidarity with more »