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What Do I Want At the End?

by David Lum

Sunday, February 17 – 10:00am What Do I Want At the End? – This adult oriented sermon will focus on end of life issues and particularly the Medical Aid in Dying movement with which Rev. Alexa has been active for many years in Maryland. There are many choices people could make for themselves at the more »

It’s All Offering

by David Lum

Sunday, February 10 – 10:00am It’s All Offering – To live in relation with others can be stressful and confusing as well as nourishing and fulfilling. What does it mean to bring our full selves to our relationships and our communities? How can we avoid the trap of feeling that we don’t measure up, or more »

Clearing and Centering

by David Lum

Sunday, February 3 – 10:00am Clearing and Centering – This month’s theme is Trust, and our work this week as an intergenerational community is to figure out what we need, and what we hold on to needlessly. Yes, this week is focused on stuff, things, gadgets and more broadly objects.

Singing the Living Tradition

by David Lum

Sunday, January 27 – 10:00am Singing the Living Tradition – The grey hymnbook under each of our chairs in the Sanctuary is an artistic representation of the Unitarian Universalist theology. Just as I was introduced to UU principles through the music and responsive readings, visitors and longtime members alike can reference the hymns (and readings) more »