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The Immanent Frame

by David Lum

Sunday, September 29 – 10:00am The Immanent Frame – Sometimes we live our lives only looking through one very narrow frame, inside of which all our expectations arise. Rev. Aileen will challenge us to shift our frames and try and see what lies beyond them in order to enlarge our perceptions of the world.

The Unexpected

by David Lum

Sunday, September 22 – 10:00am The Unexpected – For the Autumnal Equinox, Rev. Aileen will look at the ways we find balance and what knocks us off balance and sends us into unexpected adventures that we never thought we would undertake.


by David Lum

Sunday, September 15 – 10:00am Ecological Diversity Activism – In response to the national climate awareness day, “Climate Strike” on Sept. 20, Francis Ashland will talk about the need for preservation of rare domestic animals. He will also discuss the effects of climate change on animal species and what his family has been doing to more »

The Water Brings Us Home

by David Lum

Sunday, September 8 – 10:00am The Water Brings Us Home – In this intergenerational ingathering service, we will be sharing a water communion and looking at the ways that we keep returning, flowing in with the tide to begin again.

Great Expectations

by David Lum

Sunday, September 1 – 10:00am Great Expectations – The beginning of the church year and the beginning of the school year are exciting times. There might be a new teacher or a new minister. We make intentions to do better, work harder. Rev. Aileen will help us to temper our expectations and embrace our imperfections more »