Our Children’s RE Program is designed to create opportunities for creative expression, justice work, peer collaboration, and reflection with a focus on interactive experiences in a mixed age format.

RE in November: Renewal

What does it mean to be a people of healing? This month, we reflect on all the different aspects of healing that our world so urgently needs. It might seem difficult to focus on healing right now, but as Katie Covey, one of the writers of the Soul Matters curriculum writes, “we have the courage to face these times, and can practice the skills needed for healing history, healing with gratitude, and healing with service to others.” Healing might come in many forms, and RE will explore these different forms throughout the month.

For the 2020/21 church year we will continue using Soul MattersSoul Matters is a collection of resources centered around a monthly theme which weaves itself throughout our church experience. Worship, Religious Exploration and Adult Small Groups will all be pulling from these resources to better facilitate an experience that extends beyond our congregation walls on Sundays and around the dinner table the rest of the week.

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