Thank you so much for considering a pledge to UUCS. Almost 80% of our revenue comes from members’ and friends’ pledges. This year in particular, your pledge is of heightened importance, as we begin the search for our next settled Minister. There are three main priorities for the budget and pledge drive this year:

  1. Give ourselves the financial capacity to be able to attract ministerial candidates from as wide of a pool as possible.
  2. Give ourselves the freedom to choose the congregation’s next steps and direction, without having the choices made for us by self-imposed financial limits.
  3. Sustain and improve our staffing and program infrastructure with fair and appropriate increases in program budgets and compensation.

To achieve those three goals, we need to hit a pledge drive total of $265,000.  This is a large increase from our 2017 amount.  Every bit counts.  This means going All In! in two ways… every household pledging, and every household making a serious effort to see what pledge amount makes sense and is affordable for them.  If you are able to increase your pledge amount from your 2017-18 pledge, this would go a long way towards securing our future as a congregation.

Think that your pledge or increase is too small to make a difference??  Think again!!  If each household took an extra $5 each week, put it aside, and increased their pledge by that amount… that is $30,000 worth of additional pledge money.  If every household was able to do that, we would easily hit our target.

Take a look at our Stewardship brochure, consider your commitment to UUCS, your income, your needs, and then give as generously as you can.

You can pledge right here, just scroll down a bit. If you prefer, you can print out a paper pledge form and return it to the Stewardship table in the Fellowship Hall during fellowship time, to Reverend Wayne, myself, any member of the Finance team, or snail mail it to UUCS.

Thank you so much,
Teagan Kutz
2018 Stewardship Drive Team Lead