Inclement Weather Policy

Revised 2012

Purpose: To establish when and how to cancel church activities due to inclement weather.

Policy: It is the policy of UUCS to cancel church activities in the event of National Weather Service warnings in place as of 8 AM the morning of the service.

Procedure: In the event of the possibility of inclement weather making travel treacherous or impossible for Sunday church activities, the following should occur:

  • A message is posted to the announcements list,, no later than 8 PM on Saturday, indicating that church activities may be canceled for Sunday, and instructing the congregation to monitor the announcements list, UUCS Web site, or to call the church answering machine after 8 AM Sunday for a final decision on whether church services will occur.
  • The Board President and Minister will confer by 7 AM Sunday to make a final decision about church services. If the board president is not available, the vice president will engage. If the Minister is not available, the Director of Religious Education will engage. Discretion applies, but generally speaking it is warranted to cancel services in the event a National Weather Service warning for Loudoun or Fairfax counties indicating that travel is inadvisable is in place at that time.
  • Once a final decision is made, a message is posted to the announcements list with that decision.
  • If church activities are canceled:
    • The front page of the Web site is updated to indicate that decision.
    • The outgoing message on the answering machine is updated to indicate church is canceled.


  • It is the responsibility of the Minister (or Director of Religious Education if the minister is not available) in consultation with the Board President (or Vice President if the Board president is unavailable) to make a decision about canceling church activities.
  • It is the responsibility of the Board President to ensure that the above procedure is carried out.
  • It is the responsibility of the Webmaster to ensure that the front page of the website is updated.
  • It is the responsibility of the church administrator to change the answering machine outgoing message.