To establish internal guidelines on the ways in which press releases are to be relayed to the media on behalf of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Sterling.


It is the policy of UUCS that the Communications Committee shall prepare and transmit any press releases from the church.


Any church activity of interest to the broader community should be forwarded to the Communications Committee at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the activity. Any person, whether a member or not, can forward publicity items to the list so long as the item is about a project or action specific to UUCS.

Once the publicity item is prepared for release, the Communications Committee Chair will send a draft to the originator for final review and approval. Once approved, the Chair will then forward the item to appropriate media outlets in a timely manner, copying the Communications Committee email list and the originator.


It is the responsibility of the Communications Committee Chair to ensure that submitted publicity items are prepared and sent to appropriate media outlets in a timely manner. For this purpose, at least one committee member who is able to do this must be available at all times. If all committee members who are able to process publicity will not be available for more than a day, the Board of Trustees should be notified. Any follow up phone calls deemed necessary by the originator are that persons responsibility unless notified otherwise.