Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees photos and information is located here.

UUCS Bylaws

The UUCS Bylaws are located here and may be downloaded as a PDF file.


This subsection provides a description of many of the standing committees that govern and support our congregation.  Committees are organized under one of the different UUCS ministries:

  • Ministry of Welcome and Hospitality
  • Ministry of Worship
  • Ministry of Lifespan Faith Development
  • Ministry of Outreach and Justice
  • Connections Ministry
  • Ministry of Institutional Vitality

Some of these committees and ministries are described in Section 3, Small Group Ministry; Section 4, Music; and Section 5, Religious Exploration.

Communications Team

The communications committee coordinates the activities that provide internal and external communications to deliver one message about UUCS.  These activities include the e-news (Illuminate), weekly OOS supplement, our website, Facebook, email distribution lists, and publicity.

The communications committee is composed of a chair, the Illuminate editor, the web master, the database administrator, the electronic mail distribution list administrator, and the publicity committee chair.  Our goal is to spread the work among several people, however, an individual may hold more than one of the above duties.

Over the past church year, the Communications Team:

  • Was instrumental in searching, hiring, supporting and training a new administrator
  • Worked closely with the new minister and new administrator to maintain consistent communications during the time of major transition last summer
  • Was represented at all monthly UUCS staff meetings
  • Maintained the website with up-to-date, engaging and valuable content
  • Provided online registration opportunities for classes, workshops and events via the website
  • Produced the weekly supplement to the OOS to inform service attendees and newcomers
  • Maintained a consistent, above-average open rate of our weekly “Illuminate” e-newsletter
  • Engaged members and friends via social media with a consistent Facebook presence
  • Utilized Facebook and NextDoor to search for a new administrator
  • Supported the Stewardship Committee (designed Stewardship logo and produced a brochure)
  • Supported several groups and committees with communications needs

Endowment Committee

The mission of the Endowment Committee is to provide stewardship over the funds in the endowment, encourage contributions, make investments consistent with the goal of 6-8% return with moderate risk and socially responsible goals, review and make distributions, and create reports for the Board and the Congregation. The endowment committee consists of three individuals appointed by the Board of Trustees of UUCS.

The UUCS Endowment Fund creates a financial legacy to support future operations of the church. Funds donated to the Endowment are invested with the intent of supporting the long-term needs of future UUCS generations. The UUCS Endowment consists of four funds, described below:

The General Fund exists to help offset future financial liabilities of the Congregation. Once it reaches $50,000 the Congregation may begin drawing from it (not to exceed 5% per year) to help finance regular operations.

The Building Fund may be used at any time by the Congregation for the purchase of capital assets including a building, chairs, tables, etc.

The Linda Nevitte Membership Fund is dedicated solely to the encouragement and growth of membership at UUCS. This fund has reached $50,000 and is funding 5% per year to the Congregation for Membership related activities

The Clarice Douoguih Music Endowment Fund supports the ongoing music programs of our Congregation. Once it reaches $50,000 the Congregation may begin drawing from it (not to exceed 5% per year) to help finance the music program

Finance Committee


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to ensure that the finances of UUCS are managed properly and in accordance with the direction provided by the congregation and Board.


The Committee is responsible for the following:

  1.  Budget:  coordinating the annual budget process and preparing the budget for submission to the Board.  The process includes the following steps:
  • Soliciting budget submissions from all committees
  • Holding an open hearing to review budget submissions and provide a forum for congregational input
  • Preparing a complete budget for presentation to the Board
  • Supporting the Board in its presentation of the budget to the congregation for approval
  1.  Cash Management and Record Keeping (working through the Treasurer):  planning and carrying out collections and disbursements, ensuring a positive cash balance at all times and ability to pay bills when due; performing all functions related to payroll processing and related taxes; and preparing monthly and annual financial and cash flow statements.
  2.  Investment and Funds Management — working with the Treasurer to plan and implement the church’s investments, including the purchase of CDs or other investment vehicles and tracking the different funds and accounts.  The Committee makes recommendations for the Board regarding investment strategy.
  3.  Assistance in Fund Raising — although the Board has primary responsibility for fund raising (determining which fund raising events to hold, scheduling events, and recruiting chairs), the Finance Committee assists by providing a forum for coordinating and institutionalizing major fund raising events, such as the Auction.  This function may be performed through a fund raising subcommittee.


The Committee meets monthly.


The Committee shall consist of a chair appointed by the Board, the Treasurer, the Board liaison for finance (a non-voting member), and at least one other member, who may be drawn from among the chairs of finance-related events, such as the Auction, Flea Market, etc.

Membership Committee


The purpose of the Membership Committee is to:

  • Attract, welcome, and mentor visitors
  • Provide a Path to Membership for visitors and Friends
  • Meet the ongoing needs of Members for nurture, growth, and belonging
  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date database to track the status of visitors, friends, and members of UUS and generate reports in support of church operations


The Membership Committee will consist only of UUS Members. Committee staffing will consist of a Membership Committee Chair and a sufficient number of committee members to coordinate the work of the committee. The primary responsibilities of the Membership Chair are to:

  • Coordinate the work of subgroups dedicated to attracting visitors, the Path to Membership, and membership maintenance
  • Work with the Board liaison to communicate regularly with other relevant committees, including Worship Associates, Communications, and Sunday Morning Committees, to facilitate the work of all groups
  • Work with the Nominating Committee to recruit volunteers

Areas of Responsibility

Attracting visitors

  • Create and implement or monitor plans to make UUS visible in the local community, and to bring newcomers to UUS, coordinating with the Communications Committee
  • Support visitor recruitment efforts in conjunction with UUS-supported events and activities in conjunction with the Social Action Committee
  • Pay attention to the atmosphere on Sunday morning to make sure that visitors feel welcome and information about UUS is available in conjunction with the Sunday
  • Morning Committee
  • Identify and address particular problem areas in the function of the church that negatively affect attraction of visitors

The Path to Membership

  • Create and implement plans for effective tracking, mentoring, orientation, and follow-up of visitors, Friends, and new Members
  • Define and conduct necessary activities to orient, guide, and welcome visitors as they journey towards membership. Included are activities such as Newcomer Brunches, Inquirer’s classes, New Member events and Recognition services

Ongoing Needs for Nurture, Growth, and Belonging

  • Be a center of expertise and communication about what our Members need and want, why they join, and why they leave
  • Be the Member advocate in church-wide conversations about planning, programming, etc
  • Working with Adult Education, identify and insure the creation of classes, workshops, etc. that meet Members’ life-long needs
  • Continue to maintain and nurture the Covenant Group structure, and identify other ways that resources can be organized to serve Members in time of crisis or need
  • Working with Nominating Committee, meet yearly with Members and Friends to discuss their church experience and identify leadership opportunities


As necessary throughout the year, usually monthly

The UUCS Membership Team continues serve the community in many ways. We support greeters during services, track attendance with the blue books, and connect with new visitors through phone calls, emails and visitor sheets. Welcome bags were created for those visiting our congregation and are given out on a first visit. The bags contain information regarding Unitarian Universalism, religious exploration and what we do in the community. The bags have been well received and visitors are very appreciative of the information and have like having something to take with them.

The membership team has hosted quarterly membership book signing ceremonies during Sunday services. The ceremonies are a way for the congregation to get to know our newest members and to share in the commitment to UUCS that new folks are making. The “welcome” board outside of Rev. Wayne’s office continues to be a place to share pictures and a little bit of information about our newest members.

Over the past year we have in monthly Inquirers classes and attended congregational events. The membership team continues to help prepare for Sunday services, support UU Adult and RE classes, and participate in a limited number outreach events. The membership team continues to collect data on attendance and new visitors. We have visitor forms that are shared with new people on Sunday which allows them to share personal information, receive a call from the minister or DRE and be added to our weekly newsletter Illuminate email list. We continue to use Power Church, Church Management Software which helps us track data and have a management system to connect with existing and new members, visitors and friends.

Music Committee

The mission of the Music Committee is to enhance the worship services and special events of UUS by supporting performance of music that creatively expresses the spiritual interests of the church. To accomplish this, the Music Committee will support and assist the minister and music director; collaborate with them and the Worship Associates to define musical needs; assist in making and implementing music decisions; and identify and secure music resources. The Music Committee recognizes the importance of nurturing the musical talent of youth and adult members of the congregation, as well as securing music resources from outside the congregation

Nominating Committee


As the bylaws state, the nominating committee is responsible for nominating members to the Board of Trustees, Search Committee, General Assembly (delegate) and Nominating Committee for the Annual Meeting of the Congregation.  In addition, if a vacancy occurs on the Board of Trustees, the Nominating Committee is responsible for searching for a replacement. The board then votes on the nomination.


  • Nominating Committee Chair (appointed by the board from among elected members)
  • No more than five Committee Members (elected)
  • Board Liaison (ex officio)


Nominating Committee Chair – calls and chairs the meetings to begin the process of searching for nominees.  Reports back to Board Liaison about results.

Committee Members – searches for nominees for Board of Trustees, Search Committees, and Nominating Committee positions among the voting members of the Church

Board Liaison – reports back to the Board the committee’s recommendations

Social Justice Action Committee


We fulfill the Unitarian Universalist promise of world community with peace, liberty, justice and a healthy environment for all.


The UUS Social Action Committee (UUSSAC) consists of the chair or co-chairs, subcommittee chairs or co-chairs, and volunteers from the congregation as well as the Board liaison. The number and focus of subcommittees is reviewed annually. Subcommittee chairs/co-chairs as well as other interested volunteers comprise a steering committee that determines how congregational energies and resources are focused. The steering committee meets bi-annually or as needed.


  • To provide programs, funds and opportunities in our church, in our communities, and in the world, which promote volunteerism and make a difference.
  • To promote fundraising and distribute funds raised from the loose plate and other sources.
  • To act as a liaison to the DRE for children and youth social action activities.
  • To identify, review, and choose social programs for UUS to pursue consistent with its purpose and the purpose of the UUSSAC.
  • To manage, run and participate in designated programs.
  • To act consistently with the values of honor, respect, generosity and love.

Stewardship Committee

This year’s Stewardship drive theme of “All In!” was selected to underscore the importance of each member and friend participating in the pledge drive.  The theme was an acknowledgement that this year in particular, it was crucial that everyone pledge, and where possible, increase their pledge..

We had a large and enthusiastic Stewardship team this year, comprised of nine UUCS members spanning a range of abilities and tenure.  The drive ran from March 4th through March 25th. The focus of this year’s drive were five Stewardship meal events. Four dinners were held at members’ homes, and there was one luncheon after a Sunday service.  All five events were very well-attended. In total, 54 folks were present across the five events. Each Sunday during the drive, we had someone give a “Ministry Minute” about their own experience with Stewardship at UUCS.

Worship Associates


The purpose of the Worship Associates is to plan for our worship services, to help plan the worship calendar and services, and to ensure the excellence of each worship service. The Worship Associates organizes services when the Minister is not in the pulpit. The Worship Associates support the Minister’s freedom of the pulpit, which applies whether the Minister is in or out of the pulpit, and works closely with the Minister, the Music Director and Committee, and the Religious Education staff or Committee as appropriate.


  • No fewer than 8 members
  • Co-Facilitator (co-facilitates with sitting minister; serves as chair in absence of the minister
  • Minister


The Worship Associates will meet monthly, with the Minister. The Worship Associates may meet additionally as appropriate, as during sabbaticals, or professional ministerial vacancies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Worship Associates is to contribute to the life of the church as co-creators and supporters of worship. We will accomplish this by providing support and assistance to our minister; serve as a liaison for the congregation about worship needs; develop and present worship services; and identify, evaluate and sustain rituals. The Worship Associates recognize the importance of personal learning and sharing of experiences in fulfilling our mission.


Worship Associates will:

  • Ensure that worship services reflect our values and philosophy about worship, and properly balance the needs of our diverse membership
  • Serve as liaisons for the congregation by bringing worship concerns and feedback to the Committee for consideration
  • Work in partnership with the minister
  • Serve as an extension of  ministry
  • Participate in intentional learning and sharing to further our understanding of worship and worship leadership
  • Nurture and support an ongoing group of worship leaders
  • Recognize our minister as a religious leader and support the Minister’s freedom of the pulpit

Worship Associates again provided valuable service to the congregation, assisting with services led by ministers; organizing and leading lay-led services; and also, serving as primary contacts for communicating with guest ministers and organizing and supporting the services that they lead. Additionally we provided service in recruiting and scheduling guest ministers to lead individual services. Some of the funds which had been budgeted for full time ministry during 2017-18 were used to offer seminary students and community ministers opportunities to preach at UUCS.

Worship associates are a collegial group. We provide emotional and functional support to each other to make sure that the worship associates tasks are performed skillfully and they review procedures frequently to determine if changes need to be made to support the church’s mission in the fullest sense. When new associates join the team, the existing members provide informal mentoring and training to see that the new person understands the tasks and has sufficient resources to perform the tasks well. Worship Associates frequently seek and share advice with the RE Director regarding the development of story ideas for the Time for All Ages. The worship associate team is experienced, creative and flexible, and will be an invaluable resource through the transitions ahead as the congregation welcomes our 2018 summer intern minister, and then our new interim minister for 2018-19.

Congregational Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the last four Congregation Meetings are:

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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Other Policies

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