Our liturgical theme for July-August 2020 is “Summer”

Over the course of the year, in the words and music of Sunday services, in small groups and discussion circles, in classes for adults, children and youth, and in personal reflection and practice, our life together is anchored in a series of spiritual themes – one each month through the cycle of the year.

Summer Message

It has been a very interesting year.  Certainly not the year that I anticipated.  Even as it progressed into a virtual world, I could still feel the love and resiliency of the congregation as everyone jumped in and learned how to virtually interact.  I know it is not the best way to meet and yet, some have told me that they feel more connected now than they have in a while.  And that makes me happy.

At the same time, I know there are also some for whom online interaction is impossible because of lack of connectivity or just dislike of the online platform.  I wish I could make that better.

And, as we have been playing and experimenting with video and sound for the service, one of the things that I love and that many of you may not love, is the glitches.  I come off each Sunday thinking, “It is not Sunday if something does not go askew.” It humanizes what can be a disembodied event. I can be a control freak and perfectionist, and it is a relief to let go of that for a little while (even as I prepare diligently) and simply go on, cross my fingers, and hope for the best.

I will be going on Vacation/Study leave for the next five weeks.  Our incredible Worship Associates and tech team will be handling most of the Summer.  So be compassionate and gracious as there may be more glitches as they adjust and attempt Worship and Coffee Hour without me (although, some of them are more tech savvy than I so maybe we might glimpse perfection).

Thank you for a wonderful year.  Thank you for your patience and resilience as we have experienced a surreal year of ministry together.  I hope you have a wonderful Summer.  The world is shifting and changing, and I am not sure what next year will look like yet but I look forward to navigating it with you.   See you in August!!

Amen and Blessed Be,

Rev. Aileen Fitzke