In music tenuto means to either hold the note in question its full length, or play the note slightly louder. The tenuto mark indicates that a note should receive emphasis.

This youth ensemble, composed of youth, elementary through high school to create the music that moves them with voice, instruments, and boom-whackers. In the Tenuto! Youth Ensemble, the emphasis is on the youth!

Past performances have included everything from Bach to Rock, and even some original arrangements from our youth themselves. They have prepared Cannon in D, Sakura (a Japanese Folksong,) “Stressed Out, by ” 21 Pilots, and a mash up of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons and “Brave” by Sara Barelles. The exposure to and learning of various instruments such as boomwhackers, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele and more keep this ensemble fresh, current, and always challenging.

Of course singing is a huge part of our ensemble and we welcome all levels of learning and ability.

Cost: $50.00 for 5 Months, Jan-May 2017 makechecks out to: UUCS, Memo: Tenuto!



We’d like each member of Tentuto to not only love and be invested in the music we make but to care about and take an interest in each other. There will be time for us to center in our space and have a brief check-in for anyone who might need some listening ears. Also, emphasize on good vocal technique and posture will be reinforced weekly through stretching and warm-ups at the beginning of rehearsal.

Song Selection

It is important that the members of Tentuto take an active roll on selecting the music we sing. This inspires creativity and ownership amongst group members. This doesn’t mean every song they pick will work for service but sometimes they are perfect. Kris Adams and Rev. Anya will always have the final say but know that each member’s voice is heard and valued.

Parent/Family Involvement

Please be committed to bringing your youth to every practice and performance that they can reasonably make. Please let Kris Adams know ASAP if you cannot attend a rehearsal or performance.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

Please feel free to to share the word – and invite family or friends to participate.

You are welcome to watch, bring snacks for the youth to share, and contribute your ideas and suggestions.

Contact Information

Director: Kris Adams, band-director@uusterling.org
Communications Coordinator: Joan Freidson, dutchess716@yahoo.com

Rehearsal/Performance Schedule


1/11-rehearsal 5-6pm
1/18 rehearsal 5-6pm
1/25 rehearsal 5-6pm
1/29 PERFORMANCE 2nd service.
Arrive:10:45, service 11:15-12:15


2/1- rehearsal 5-6pm
2/8- rehearsal 5-6pm
2/15- rehearsal 5-6pm
2/22- rehearsal 5-6pm
2/26- PERFORMANCE- Music Sunday
1st & 2nd Service
Arrive 8:30am
Service 9:30-10:30 and 11:15-12:15


3/8- rehearsal 5-6pm
3/15- rehearsal 5-6pm
3/19- PERFORMANCE 2nd Service
Arrive:10:45, service 11:15-12:15


4/5- rehearsal 5-6pm
4/19- rehearsal 5-6pm4/23- PERFORMANCE 1st & 2nd Service
Arrive 8:30am
Service 9:30-10:30 and 11:15-12:15
4/25- rehearsal 5-6pm
4/30- optional solo or group PERFORMANCE
Youth Sunday


5/3- rehearsal 5-6pm
5/10- rehearsal 5-6pm
5/17- rehearsal 5-6pm
5/21- PERFORMANCE 1 service this Sunday
Arrive: 9:30am service:10:30

If a practice or performance will be cancelled it will be cancelled at least 12 hours in advance.You will be notified by email. I will make every effort to keep to the practice and performance schedule, and only emergencies will cause amendments to this schedule.

Please Note: The UUCS inclement weather policy requires that all UUCS events are canceled if Loudoun Schools are canceled, on any given day.