“Liberating Ourselves”
Led by Rev. Aileen Fitzke
6 April 2020

Gathering Hymn #145 As Tranquil Streams

Welcome and Announcements – Rev. Aileen Fitzke


Ringing the Bowl – Rev. Aileen Fitzke

Invocation – Denise Dittmar
This is another day we have been given.
This is indeed a sacred day. 
Let us be grateful for the capacity to sense, feel, and understand.
Let us be grateful for the incredible gift of life,
And let us be especially grateful for
the ties of love which bind us together
Giving dignity, meaning, worth and joy to all of our days.

Chalice Lighting – Rev. Aileen Fitzke
“Longing for Liberation” by Rev. Gretchen Haley

Chalice Song#155 Circle ‘Round for Freedom

Time for All Ages – Rachael Roman
“The Beautiful Tiger” Words by Christopher Buice

Sorrows, Joys – Rev. Aileen Fitzke

Meditation – Rev. Aileen Fitzke
“Life is Always Unfinished Business” Words by Richard Gilbert

Moment of Silence

Sung Response – Alleluia

Reading – Denise Dittmar
“Transcending Boundaries” Words by Yvonne Seon

Musical Interlude – Julia Stubbs

Sermon – Rev. Aileen Fitzke
“Liberating Ourselves”

Offering – Rev. Aileen Fitzke
Offering Basket

Extinguishing the Chalice & Covenant – Denise Dittmar
This congregation is dedicated to the proposition
that behind all our differences and beneath all our diversities,
there is a unity that binds us together and makes us one
in spite of time and death and the space between the stars.
We pause now in silent witness to that unity.
by David Bumbaugh

Benediction – Rev. Aileen Fitzke

Closing Song#168 One More Step

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Worship Leader – Rev. Aileen Fitzke          Streaming Master – Bryan George
Music Director – Julia Stubbs                      RE Coordinator – Rachael Roman
Worship Associate – Denise Dittmar