ordination_choir_2016Worship is not something we experience, it is something we do– and worship means shaping worth.

Many new Unitarian Universalists who learn that we do not have a common creed or statement of belief ask, “What are we worshiping?”

The term worship comes from the Old English word weorthscipe. This word is formed from two others: weorth, which means “worth” and scipe, which means “to shape.” So worship literally means “to shape worth.”

We come together to shape what is worthy in our lives – to find sustenance when we are aching, to celebrate when we are full, and to deepen emotionally, intellectually and spiritually to give our lives meaning.

Worship at our congregation is not about shaping beliefs, but shaping worth.  You will not be told what to believe.  You will be encouraged to discern your own beliefs, while you are challenged to become your best self.

Our lives are so full and hectic, if we do not carve out space in our lives to shape what is of worth, it may elude us.


ChoirOur music program is alive and thriving with an adult choir and rock band ensembles. Music at our congregation is about emotional expression, reflection, and musical creation. It invites us to lament and encourages us to hope. It shapes our collective identity as a community of individuals committed to seeking, loving, and serving as our mission states. We welcome guest musicians and soloists often, and encourage our talented congregants to share their multifarious gifts.

Our music director, Julia Stubbs, leads our adult choir, and coaches our vocal soloists. Every week, she helps to select the hymns for the worship services, and helps to schedule the church’s various musical performances. For the Sunday worship services, she frequently leads the congregation in singing the hymns and occasionally becomes the piano accompanist. Ultimately, she loves to help the congregation reach a new level of worship through the church’s music program.

In music, we are grateful for the blessing of diversity- from jazz to contemporary, to gospel, to pop, to rock, to classical, to choral standards and more- we stretch and find that we enjoy the variety!