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Shared Memories

by David Lum

Sunday, December 16 – 10:00am Shared Memories – What are our congregational milestones? What have we done together and when? Lets reminisce together and get the stories out!

Words On Mystery

by David Lum

Sunday, December 9 – 10:00am Words On Mystery – Members of the UUCS Writers Group share their stories and reflections on the mysteries in our lives. The congregation will also be invited to write and post their words on mystery.

Spirit and Mystery and More

by David Lum

Sunday, December 2 – 10:00am Spirit and Mystery and More – What do we reach out to when we are doing soul work? With what do we seek to connect? Ineffable, transcendent… This introspective service will call us into song, silence and prayer.

Remembering Who We Are

by David Lum

Sunday, November 25 – 10:00am Remembering Who We Are – This service is led by Rev. Alexa Fraser and Rev Roberta Finkelstein, former minister here at UUCS. The two reverends will preach together on this congregation’s history, present and future. Rev. Roberta was here for a critical time in the nation and in this congregation. more »

Remember to Rise

by David Lum

Sunday, November 18 – 10:00am Remember to Rise – Bread provides us a rich (sometimes delicious) metaphor for life. We can resonate with the messiness of the mixing, the struggle of the kneading, the faith required in the waiting, the fire needed for the baking, and the restorative power of breaking bread together. In what more »

Veterans Day Breakfast & Service

by David Lum

Sunday, November 11 – 10:00am Veterans Day Breakfast & Service – Join us for this special annual event to show our Veterans, active duty service people, and their friends and families, our appreciation for their service and sacrifice. This year’s speakers are Larry Whitley and his wife Leann. Larry and Leann are both retired Sergeant more »