Expanding Our Vision: One Community, Two Services

Every place is the center of the world.

—Black Elk

Thanks to the hard work of the Open Doors committee, the Religious Education Council, Director of Religious Education Linda Weaver, Rev. Anya, the Board of Trustees, and many others, we are prepared to throw open our doors to provide access to even more UUs and would-be UUs in the Eastern Loudoun/ Western Fairfax area. On Sunday, September 13, 2015, we will begin offering two services to the community each Sunday morning.

As Rev. Anya has written to the Board with an impassioned plea, “This move is not solely to create more room for us to enjoy, it will allow us to open our doors wide and show newcomers that there is plenty of space to hold our growing and vibrant multi-generational congregation. In September of this year we will begin offering two Sunday morning worship services. We hope and believe this will enhance our outreach to the surrounding community and serve to strengthen our Unitarian Universalist presence in Loudoun County.”

New service times, beginning September 13th:
9:30 am — First service
11:15 am — Second service

Note that both service times are different than the current time, which is 10:30. There will be combined hospitality in between the two services with light snacks and refreshments.

One of the wonderful opportunities this provides, besides fewer parking problems, less crowding at hospitality, and less crowding in our Sanctuary, is the ability to “… More...


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