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Sunday, March 24 – 10:00am
Mary Oliver – Wild Geese Fly – In this service we honor the life and lyrical nature poetry writen by Mary Oliver. Her work has a special connection with Unitarian Universalists because of her “clarity of vision … suggesting that life was a matter of learning to love the world even in the face of ugliness and pain.” (H. Smith, Washington Post). Members of the congregation will help us delve into the meaning of poetry for them.

Sunday, March 31 – 10:00am
Facts and Optimism – Here in the winter doldrums, what holds hope for us, what can we hold on to? Rev Alexa has a new place she finds hope and she’d can’t wait to share.

Sunday, April 7 – 10:00am
Happiness, Holiness, and Wholeness – Led by Rev. Dr. Wayne Arnason: What does it mean to be a person, or a community of wholeness? This is the question for April’s worship theme, and I’m excited to explore it with you in a return visit to your pulpit. It’s my belief that personal wholeness is the key to happiness in this life. It bothers me that some religions teach that you can only find true happiness in their particular approach to holiness. I want to propose instead four foundational elements of wholeness that a person of any religious persuasion needs in order to be happy.

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