Advent: Hope and Hubbub

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

—Oscar Wilde

It doesn’t really matter that the stores started stocking Christmas themed nicknacks and hullabaloo the day after Halloween. It won’t irk me that I heard my first Christmas carol in a retail space when I was shopping for the Thanksgiving meal. The stores can stock in the trade of Christmas glory without drawing me into their frenzy. I’m going to rest with the advent idea of “Hope,” as long as I am able - as long as I can resist.

The advent season, beginning in December, is a Christian endeavor - an anticipation of something good to come - namely the birth of a savior, a child. Advent doesn’t require flashy decor, blow up santas or light-up reindeer. All that’s needed is a candle or four, and perhaps a wreath. Mixing the advent season with the Hanukkah season of my mother’s familial line, I simply use candles to pause in the evening hours, and warm the deep winter dark of December.

Real candles can’t be flipped on, and they require attention and care. In December, I light candles in the evening or night, whenever I am able, and sit by them in reflection. Hope is a recurrent focus. I witness the pain that racism’s legacy brings to bear across our nation, and hope for a day when we will no longer feel the urge to choose sides. I witness the pastoral pains in our community and hop… More...

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