Our minister and our adult RE coordinators orchestrate our Adult Education Program. We offer new and exciting education opportunities every year.

If you are new to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Sterling, please plan to attend an Inquirer’s Conversation.

Inquirer’s Conversations are held on the first Sunday of every month, at 12:30, after the second service. A small group will meet in the minister’s office to listen, ask questions, and share anything they wish to share about their personal spiritual journeys. Childcare is available. No RSVP necessary.

Other Adult Education Opportunities are listed below.   For each of these classes, you may register online, or use the sign-up sheet in the foyer.

Need child care? Please notify Linda Weaver at least one week prior to your class.

God Problem: Why Do We Suffer?
Led by Jack Dalby
Time: Thursdays 7p – 8:30p
Dates: April 5April 12April 26May 3
Location: UUCS
Regarding the problem of evil, the 18th century Scottish philosopher, David Hume, noted, “If God is omnipotent, omniscient and wholly good, whence evil? If God wills to prevent evil but cannot, then He is not omnipotent. If He can prevent evil but does not, then he is not good. In either case he is not God.

In this wide ranging, 4 session seminar, we will grapple with what historian Bart Ehrman calls God’s Problem: If God loves us, then why do we suffer?

Some of the topics for discussion are: The nature of God and suffering as presented in the Old Testament; the New Testament and God’s apocalyptic vanquishing of evil; the atoning death of Jesus; Augustine and the concept of original sin; free will; logical problems of evil; theodicy and much more.

The goal of this series is to foster a classroom environment where difficult questions can be asked and the answers debated with curiosity and respect.

While not required, a familiarity with Bart Ehrman’s book, God’s Problem would be beneficial.

Questions? Contact Jack Dalby.