We as a congregation are considering adopting a proposed 8th UU principle concerning racial justice. To do so would require a congregational consensus at the next Annual Meeting, similar to when we decided to become a LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation.

Ramping up to that decision, we plan on having lots of space for discussion and learning around these topics throughout the year. As part of organizing that effort we put together a very short survey to gauge people’s questions and concerns about the 8th principle, so that we can put together events, discussion groups, and other opportunities to address them.
Please take the 1-3 minutes to fill it out! It will help us a lot.

Click here to take it: https://forms.gle/9C3mBgr5QjYgVHEm6

These are Racial Justice events happening in our area or online that you might want to consider. Most of these are not hosted by UUCS, but UUCS members are interested in attending.