Thank you so much for considering a pledge to UUCS.   We want to acknowledge that this has been a very difficult year even as we must proceed with the necessary business of this year’s stewardship drive, which is for the fiscal year July 2021 through June 2022.

More than 80% of our revenue comes from members’ and friends’ pledges.  Even as we have been meeting online since this time last year, we have had to continue to pay rent for our space. We engaged in a serious search this year for a more affordable space and our search ended in our staying at our current location but reducing our space to the sanctuary and the space directly behind it.

The main priorities for the budget and pledge drive this year remain the same as last year:

  • Continue to offer our minister and staff fair compensation
  • Provide ongoing excellent programming and staffing in all areas of our ministry
  • Maintain a 24/7 spiritually nurturing facility for services and other programs even though at this time we can only appreciate it through our computer screens
  • Endeavoring to prioritize social justice programs as a budget line item

To achieve these priorities, we need to meet our pledge drive goal of $215,000. The time is now to Renew Our Strength. If you are able to pledge this year, we need your pledge. If you are able to increase your pledge, we need you to do so to help offset those who have been financially hurt this year and must decrease their pledge or perhaps not pledge this year.

Think that your pledge or increase is too small to make a difference??  Think again!!  A pledge, or increase, of $5 a week adds up to $260 for the year, enough to pay for a guest minister one Sunday or the Soul Matters curriculum we have been using for Worship, Religious Education and Covenant Groups.

Take a look at our Stewardship brochure, consider your commitment to UUCS, your income, and your needs; then give as generously as you can.

You can pledge here on the UUCS website at the bottom of this page.

In Faith,

Bonnie Lepoff, Jean Ault, Sonia Lorenz

2021 Stewardship Team